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Every hunter has an obligation to fulfill when they enter wildlife habitat to participate in our hunting heritage.

  • Respect the landowner and his property
  • Show respect to other hunters and non-hunters
  • Give respect to the wildlife and its habitat
  • Follow all state laws and regulations
  • Use equipment adequate for the game being hunted and be proficient with that equipment.


Regulated trapping is an important part of modern wildlife management programs. Regulated trapping is the most efficient and practical means available to manage furbearer populations and their associated habitats.

Regulated Trapping has been successful in the past to minimize localized disease problems, reduce damage problems, support wildlife research projects, and promote restoration of certain endangered species.


From high-mountain streams to big reservoirs to community ponds, Utah has many great places to fish. And you’ll find variety when you toss out a line. There are native cutthroats, walleye, tiger muskie, bass and more.

Arizona is blessed with diverse fishing opportunities, from the large reservoirs to the trout lakes in the mountains, and plenty of low-elevation fishing holes in between. Go out and catch a memory!