Top Hunting Gear you can’t Live without

Hunting Gear

Everyone knows you are as good as your equipment allows you to be. That’s why you can’t always go cheap at certain aspects. That said, you can find bargains and discounted prices on certain firearms, ammunition, and hunting gear. In this review, we took a little of both worlds. Affordability and reliability. After scouring the internet, and checking out the opinions of many hunting experts — you would remiss if you didn’t have these three items with you on your next hunt.

Hunting Gear

#1 Back Shadow Hunting Boot:

When you are on a hunt, you know that what is on your feet is very important due to differing weather conditions. How you get to point B from point A will is crucial. So when you need to get around you are going to want a boot that is durable and yet comfortable at the same time.

Back Shadow Hunting Boot is just that, with plenty of underfoot stability during your hide but also gives you added cushion for comfort.

This boot comes equipped with some of the best technology being incorporated into footwear. Back Shadow has the latest, advanced waterproof tech to assure you against any condition of weather. Complete weatherproof as well as resistant against slippery surfaces. This boot has four designs and only costs between $150-180. It’s a must have and a must have a price if you want to make it a day of hunting.

#2 Top Quality Scope/Sights:

In order to get a good shot, talent is one thing you should have on your side. But for those who don’t own that much talent, also need a rifle or firearm that comes equipped with a high-quality scope and sight. When you choose a scope or sight, you want something that will give you a wide field of view, long distance scanning and variable zooming capabilities as well as weight heavy in case you use tripod mount. Two brands you should check out are the Burris AR Prism Sight, and the Vortex Spitfire Prism Scope.

Both of these together will enhance your ability to pin point accuracy, giving you close to medium range, fast target acquisition and much more. If you are on a hunting expedition, having a high-quality scope and sight is a must.

#3 Alps Outdoorz Extreme Commander X With Pack:

This is a must have for a hunt or even just a hike. The versatility of this backpack, with its plethora of pocketing options, serves many purposes. Yes, it is in the $300 range but the chances of you needing another pack for a while is unlikely. Comes with a detachable frame so you detach from the pack and use it for hauling meat. Compression wing system used to secure large or small packages. Top pockets convert into a fanny pack, with a top down pocket for bows or guns. It’s also equipped with hydration pockets, rugged and lightweight, and made out of their trademarked Robic nylon. This pack is a must, and addicting. Durable and versatile just to name a couple of ways to describe it amongst its increasing popularity for the hunting community


These are just three items that are extremely helpful for when you go hunting. There are plenty of neat gadgets and tools that you can use to enhance your hunt. However, I find reducing your load down to a few basics is just as resourceful as going all out. Stick to the weatherproof boots, the highly durable and versatile backpack, and fire off accurately with the above high-quality sight and scope. These are your three must have hunting gear.