Looking for a Hunting Retreat Place?

Planning a hunting retreat? You’ll find lots of options to choose from when it comes to the retreat location. However, be careful on where you choose to go for the retreat. The hunting lodge you choose will determine how the experience turns out for you. We’ll share with you a few tips to help identify a hunting retreat location that’s perfect for everyone.

Determine what you want to hunt

If you’ve never gone for a hunting retreat before, this can be rather confusing. Just know that there are different kinds of animals in different locations so knowing what you want to hunt will help in choosing the right place to go. For instance, there are hunting lodges that are primarily known for large animals whereas others are known for the small ones like rabbits. Novice hunters can start off with lodges that offer opportunities to hunt the smaller prey.

Make sure it is accessible

Your hunting retreat will start off on the right note if you don’t have trouble accessing the location you chose. Before you decide on a location, find out how you are going to access that area. If it’s driving to the place, make sure the distance is something you can cover and still have time to spend on the lodge and travel back home. Don’t choose a retreat center that is way too far so you’ll end up spending all the time on the road. It will also cost you more in terms of transport if you select a location that is just too far.

Do background checks

Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of going for the hunting retreat until you fail to research a few important things about it. If you can, get a recommendation from a friend or someone you know and let them share their experience about the location. Some lodges will have photos on their website that do not represent what is on location. Verify that the information they provide is correct by asking for details of previous customers who you can contact. The reviews will help you to find the right lodge for your retreat.



Duck Hunting Basics

Duck hunting is mainly a sporting activity around the world now, as commercial duck hunting has since been banned in most of the developed countries. Duck hunting is, in fact, as old as time itself. There are early indications that ducks and geese were somehow hunted during the Ice Age. Cave drawings indicate that duck hunting was a sound practice early on in human existence, giving way to ducks and swans appearing on cave paintings in Ice Age Europe. There is also evidence of duck hunting in Egypt, as a mural on the tomb of Khum-Hotpe displays a man capturing ducks in a stream. Ducks were also likely hunted by early man in the Americas, as early Peruvian art indicates.

With this international history, duck hunting enjoys a popularity that spreads around the world. It is especially popular in North America, where the largest number of localized ducks can be located. Most ducks use the Mississippi River as a migratory guide, so many duck hunts take place along the river to use it as a guide for finding ducks. Arkansas is a major hotbed of duck hunting, with Stuttgart being considered the “duck hunting capital of the world”.

Here are some of the things that a duck hunter must look into before going on a trip.


duck hunter must decide when and where to hunt before going off. It is best that, as a hunter, you should keep a journal of the where you hunted last duck season. This is to determine which hunting spots are best on a particular weather condition. So that you will know where you should be hunting if there is an upcoming storm, when it rains, snows, freezes or when the weather is clear. Because you are hunting ducks (which is a waterfowl) the area that you are hunting is near a body of water. Always consider all the factors.


In order to choose the most suitable duck hunting gun hunters must take many aspects into consideration like: functionality, durability, technology and of course, price. In this article we will make brief reviews about 5 guns recommended for duck hunting, we will order them by popularity.

The most popular duck hunting gun is the Remington 870 Pump Shotgun. The reason why this gun is so popular among hunting enthusiasts all over the world is because its ability to withstand some of the most harsh weather conditions. This weapon is considered to be the workhorse of the shotguns compartment.