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Demographic Research is an internet, free, open access peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research articles on a regular basis. Demography is the study of population characteristics and trends over a period of time, including historical periods, recent and distant demographic history. It considers all aspects of public policies and social order, with special reference to immigration and national identity. Demography also involves studying the interactions among people and their societies and economies.


Demographics are used to analyze economic, demographic and social changes in the world at large, and in particular in the United States. Demography has been criticized for overuse of statistical methods, and for the promotion of one form of demography over another. Demographers combine statistical knowledge with knowledge about relationships between variables such as life expectancy and income that are crucial to understanding human populations. Demography is usually empirical in nature, using sales territory mapping software and other techniques that are accurate but sensitive to changing circumstances. As such demographic research findings are often subject to misinterpretation.

Examining Demographics

For example, in examining life expectancy and poverty among US residents, many researchers have concluded that improving health for the poor will lead to higher life expectancy and reduce poverty rates. These studies have drawn wide criticism from demographers who argue that if life expectancy and poverty go hand in hand then there must be some other relationship between them. Demographers who support the accuracy of their studies claim that improved health leads to a rise in population, leading to the rise in demand for goods and services and the rise in population demographics. Demographers can provide important and useful information about the underwriting and financing of health insurance plans, census estimates, migration, family size and marriage patterns and other aspects of population demographics.