Save Our Planet By Planting Trees

Are you aware that all over the world, 3 to 6 billion trees are cut down each and every year. There is so much that is created from trees and this means there is a huge demand in the marketplace. For instance, paper is needed both in the home and workplace and lumber is used in the construction of homes. We all must assume responsibility in preserving our woodlands even if there are items we have to use that are made from trees.

Trees are celebrated on Arbor Day and the idea is that we should plant trees at that time but this is not really dealing with the issue. This is because nearly all folks aren’t going out and planting a tree. It would help, of course, if everyone planted a tree.

There may be seven billion humans alive in the world right now. The actual numbers obviously fluctuate and so this is a calculated estimate. The number of trees worldwide would be restored if every individual planted a tree on Arbor Day. Unfortunately, this is never going to happen.

Hence, the solution is for those of you who care about the Earth and want oxygen so you can live, plant a tree. In terms of planting a tree, I would not suggest you just do this on a certain day every year. Once a month is a good target or why not every week? It is just a fact that some individuals will not give any thought to conservation or planting trees, so we must make up for this ourselves.

Would you believe that on Arbor Day, only approximately 8 and 15 million trees are planted? Hence every year, we are short by more or less 5 billion trees. This situation continues to deteriorate.

Whereas people need to make the effort to plant trees, I have an idea that might resolve this once and for all. If a law could be enacted that whenever a tree is cut down by logging companies, they then had to plant two new ones, this could genuinely make a big difference.

But then, until someone has the presence of mind to make this a reality, we are left to take care of planting the trees ourselves. Trying to keep those tree numbers up will not actually take a great deal of effort. The number of trees felled each year could be replaced if ten percent of the world’s population planted one tree each month. Around 7 billion new trees would be achieved by doing this. And that 1 billion excess trees are just what we need in order to get our tree population back to where it has to be.

So for anyone who desires to make a positive difference to our environment, go plant a tree. Once again, it only takes 10% of our population to start making a difference. You can make the decision to help out.

Getting Back To The Basics Whenever You Go Camping

I’m certain a lot of you remember going camping with your parents when you were younger, but these days individuals have different ideas of what camping actually is. When I was a kid camping meant going out in a tent and roughing it, but right now men and women wanna take RV’s and make sure that they have electricity before they go camping. Is that even really camping? Motorboats are one more thing that plenty of men and women end up taking with them on a camping trip in case they want to go fishing or even just get out and go water skiing. As you continue to read this article you are going to find out that a lot of of the amenities you bring with you into the woods can end up hurting the environment, which is the reason why they should be left at home when you’re going camping.

With regards to bringing along an RV whenever you go camping you will probably end up investing 5 to 10 times the amount of money on gasoline than you would have if you took the car. You’ll wind up generating significantly less pollution if you simply take a vehicle and bring tents with you that you are going to be able to sleep in. I ought to also mention that your family will probably enjoy the time of attempting to set up tents, because this is something you can all do together and have a fun time with. In order to go on a camping trip you do not have to take an RV, and being out in the elements and having to do things for yourself will make it a much more rewarding experience overall.

Something else loads of people always try and do is to ensure that their campsite will have electricity, just because they can’t go without their technology. Of course with regards to camping, many want to do this in order to spend time with their families and if everyone has their face in some kind of electronic product this is just not happening. Surprisingly your friends on face book are going to be able to get by without you updating your page, and sitting by the fire as well as talking at night can wind up being a lot more fun. You’ll also find that the planet will be benefited when you can eliminate your need for electricity for a few days or even a week.

While a motorboat can wind up being plenty of fun when you go camping near a lake, it is not something that you NEED to have fun. Even though a motorboat may be very fun, you may also find the you could wind up having considerably more fun by bringing along a few canoes or even a rowboat to go fishing in. Something you might or may not be aware of would be that a motorboat will end up polluting the water supply with gas and oil whenever you use it. This doesn’t mean ONLY when you have a leak or something, this means any time you use it. Boats are not good for the water, unless you’re the power source behind it.

For the individuals who take pleasure in camping and going back to the basics while doing it, you’re going to find that this is a thing that can have a beneficial affect on our world. Of course if you even want to wind up having more fun it is always good to invite other family members and friends together with you on your camping trips. Nothing is more fun than being around people you like with no distractions or anything.